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"The Sparrow"

Following the success of their first two albums, Metaphor comes back with a conceptual epic "The Sparrow" based on the best selling book of the same name. Composed with the kind blessings of author Mary Doria Russell, this new release features over 70 minutes of music filled with emotion, splendor and mystery. This CD is sure to please fans of symphonic progressive rock and excellent science fiction/philosophy (or what we call "sci-fi-losophy").

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1. Inquisition
Malcolm Smith - Guitar
2. Song from a Nearby Star
John Mabry - Vocals
3. Deus Vult
Marc Spooner - Keyboards
4. Stella Maris
Greg Miller - Drums
5. Death in Eden
Jim Anderson - Bass
6. Challallah Khaeri
7. Garden Building
8. Sick for What the Heart Wants
9. Stranded
10. Flower Harvest
11. We Are Many and They Are Few
12. Mother Night
13. God Will Break Your Heart
14. Afterture

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Credit: Backbround image courtesy of the Hubble European Space Agency Information Centre