Marc Spooner Chritmas Album

A Christmas Album cover
TropeAUDIO TA051

Marc Spooner of Metaphor has completed his follow-up to his A Rite Of Spring with another electronic realization of another Russian composer's ballet classic: Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker!  Trope is proud to release Marc Spooner - A Christmas Album.  Just in time for the holidays! 

A Christmas Album can be ordered direct for $10 (+$2 for shipping).

A Christmas Album is also now available from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon. Happy Holidays!

Rite of Spring

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, an electronic realization of the Igor Stravinsky masterpiece done in the classic style of Switched-On Bach/Tomita - all vintage synthesizers/keyboards!

A Rite of Spring cover
TropeAUDIO TA050

Marc Spooner (keyboardist for American symphonic progressive rock band Metaphor) has recorded an all-synthesizer (and some Mellotron) version of Stravinsky's masterpiece in time for the 100th anniversary of the famous riotous premiere of the ballet. "I've always been a huge fan of the Wendy Carlos and Tomita and Synergy albums and no one had ever done an electronic version of the entire score of The Rite, so I figured I'd do it myself! It was created with a collection of vintage Moog, ARP, and Roland synths with a dash of a modern Kurzweil plus a generous helping of Mellotron."

A Rite of Spring can be ordered direct for $10 (+$2 for shipping).

A Rite of Spring is also now available from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and will be coming soon to other CD vendors!